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Darius Pridgen re-elected as Common Council president

Story from WBFO: By RYAN ZUNNER JAN 2, 2020

Ellicott District representative Darius Pridgen will continue to lead Buffalo’s Common Council as president in 2020.

Pridgen was unanimously voted to the post by his colleagues at the council’s annual re-organizational meeting Thursday. Pridgen said it is humbling to be in a position to help make Buffalo a better place.

“I just want to continue that work, to continue to work with the city and its constituents,” said Pridgen. “We know the importance of this work especially as Buffalo changes. So one of the biggest goals we have is trying to ensure that all ships that want to rise, are able to rise in the City of Buffalo.”

As he begins another term as president, Pridgen said he is hopeful for city neighborhoods.

“What I don’t want to see happen in Buffalo is what we’ve seen in some other urban areas like Chicago where those who want to live in downtown are not able to if you don’t have a high income,” Pridgen said. “We hear about that all the time. It’s about making sure that we are going out to the neighborhoods that have maybe seen better days and now need that attention. We are moving toward that and we want to continue that momentum.”

Pridgen was first elected to his Ellicott District seat in 2011 and has served as president since 2014.

Other Council members reappointed to leadership positions include David Rivera as majority leader and Christopher Scanlon as president pro tempore.

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